What you can do!

1. Pray!

Pray for our chaplains and their work. Pray for their families and the units they work with. As simple as it is, it is still the greatest gift you can give us in this work.

Pray for those who have borne the battle.   Here is a list of those requesting prayers through a military wounded prayer group:  http://www.militarywoundedprayergroup.com/

2. Adopt a chaplain…become their prayer partners.

Send them care packages when they are deployed. Cards and letters of encouragement really help them feel good on bad days. To help us get you connected send us an email and we will send you a deployed chaplain’s name and address.

Email us at  info@pccmp.org >

3. Talk to young people who are contemplating service in the military.

Let them know we have chaplains there to support them…and some of those chaplains are even Presbyterians!

4.Know a person considering chaplaincy?

If you know of a person who might be interested in ministry as a chaplain…give them our contact information and have them talk with us.

Email info@pccmp.org >
Call us:  910-545-5755 (Larry) or 202-603-8773 (Don)

5. Friend us on Facebook.

Friend us on Facebook,  a great place to find out what is going on with the PCCMP.

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6. Give us a link.

Ask your church/presbytery to add a link to our website.

7. Sign up for “Frontlines”

Sign up for a copy via email or postal mail for “Frontlines” our newsletter. It highlights the work of our chaplains and what they are doing around the world.

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8. Let us know your story.

Many people came to religious faith while serving in the military…often because of a chaplain. We love to hear about those events.

Email us at  info@pccmp.org >

9. Make a gift.

Consider making a gift to the PCCMP annual budget and encourage your church to consider this as one of their missions.

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